Bon Parfumeur

105 YMC - 30ml


Limited serie Bon Parfumeur x YMC.

A spicy scent in a body of wood and flowers. 

Discover an exclusive modern and creative rose perfume. Our Bon Parfumeur x YMC is a spicy rose perfume, mysterious and addictive. 

With a citrus, bitter orange and mandarin opening, its addictive scent gives off an initial impression of coolness/freshness. Then, the heart of the fragrance intrigues you with a surprising blend of cinnamon, geranium and spicy rose. This spicy facet gives it a bold style with warm and impertinent tones that binds to the woody base notes. Base notes of our ultra contemporary rose perfume are made of a warm and creamy sandalwood 

Get to know YMC

Founded in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins, the British label offers minimalist and timeless collections. Genderless, YMC Londonclothing draws on the “army chic” and “work wear” styles and shakes the established genre and fashion codes.


Why a collaboration with YMC? 

The Bon Parfumeur x YMC collaboration is above all the story of a great encounter. The one of our young perfume house, 100% made in France, with the English label everyone is talking about!

Then for the free spirit, the cool and quirky image of the label of course. But also for their mantra “You Must Create” which could only seduce Bon Parfumeur! Inviting everyone to assert themselves with style and independence? This inspiring message prompted us to collaborate.


What is saffron? 

Saffron is a spice that belongs to the very spicy olfactive family, mostly represented in perfumes through cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. Saffron is obtained from buds transformed in essential oil. The spicy smell of saffron can sometimes be compared to leather or concrete. Using saffron in the making of YMC rose perfume allowed our iconic perfumer Serge De Oliveira to spice it up. Saffron is a rare and exclusive raw material that can also be found in our n°903 oud perfume from Les Privés


What is a powdery note? 

Perfumes refer to powdery notes when they reproduce the sensation of soft and tender fabric, such as cachemire on the skin. Highly emotional, powdery perfumes can awake deep memories and often bring surprisingly comfortable feelings. At Bon Parfumeur we believe that perfumes should be interpreted as an accessory to match desires and moods. When the powdery notes of our YMC rose perfume are highly addictive, the ones of our rose perfume n°101 are mild and comfortable.  


What is sandalwood? 

Sandalwood comes from genus Santalum trees located mostly in India but also in Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Sri Lanka. Sandalwood is obtained from extracting essential oils from the bark of these trees.
Sandalwood perfumes have in common a woody, milky, warming and sensual smell. The Sandalwood base notes of our YMC rose perfumegives it a long lasting effect.
Our perfumers often use Sandalwood to make our perfumes long lasting. You can find Sandalwood in our n°301 et n°401 from Nathalie Koobus or in our perfume n°302 from Sidonie Lancesseur.


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