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This season more than ever before Bias Harrogate is trying to ensure it is an environmentally friendly store. With the fashion industry at a global level being one of the worst polluters of the environment it’s important for independent stores, working together, to offer garments and products with a clear sustainable line.

So our new brands, YaYa and Kings of Indigo (KOI) use fabrics such as Tencel and Modal which are sustainable, being regenerated from wood cellulose. Similar in hand to rayon and bamboo which are also regenerated fabrics they’re considered to be two of the most environmentally friendly fabrics. Kings of Indigo pride themselves on making every garment with a conscience using innovation and sustainable production techniques whenever they can.


sustainable shopping in Harrogate


Selected Femme and Homme have an increasing range of garments made from a lovely soft Prima Cotton which form part of their BCI – Better Cotton Initiative – Collection which again uses cotton from sustainable sources.

One of our most popular brands, b.young now have a specific collection called Forever - which has a 100% sustainable production chain.

And one of our main jewellery brands in Just Trade which are a well-established brand offering beautifully designed and ethically made jewellery. They work in partnership with small Fair Trade projects in Ecuador, Peru, India and Vietnam. And have complete transparency right through their supply chain – Just Trade, Just a great ethical commitment!

And, some of the smaller but equally important changes we’ve made in store are …

  • Using recycled paper bags for our garments
  • Not using sellotape on our tissue paper so it can be used again
  • Ensuring all clothes packaging is recycled to create energy

We’ll keep you updated with any new initiatives that we bring in as we continue this sustainable commitment …