And Less

And Less are drawn by the embracing feeling in the idea of bridging.

Bridging generations. Bridging decades. Bridging looks.

It carries a diversity that inspires us, in the aim to create curated collections, where attitudes and styles are combined in an individualistic way, The collections has a sophisticated feel, with a sporty and energetic touch that reflects the feminine and youthful heart of every modern woman.

Their ability to highlight luxury can be sensed and touched in the designs and in our good craftsmanship, as well as in our choice of materials. And Less is uncompromising when it comes to quality, which is clearly visible in the passion we put into our design, clothing and brand as a whole.

Regardless how you decide to combine the styles, you will be on point.

Sophisticated femininity? Energetic youthfulness? Sporty elegance? Comfortable confidence? There is no right or wrong in And Less and the styling possibilities are wide and diverse.

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