Work The Window - How We Are Helping You Keep Stylish In November 2020

work the window


So, I'm hoping you're going to enjoy my new lockdown campaign at Bias Harrogate! Styles in the shop window ... a mannequin to show you how the look comes together ... Instagram posts of me, Karen and other local people showing how they look in real life ... AND then all the styles to buy in our Online Shop in a matching collection called 'Work The Window' It's all so easy (well it's meant to be) and don't forget you can text or email me day or night to ask about sizing, fit, cut or any other details.


And lets not forget about our menfolk ... Work The Window - Man! We've got a great collection this season ... Far Afield, Selected Homme, Libertine Libertine, Kings of Indigo, Mads Norgaard. Same format - mannequin in the shop window, styles hanging on a rail; contact me about sizing...


And all so easy to buy by clicking on the Work The Window - Man collection on our online store.


work the window man


We'll be doing the same thing for the next few weeks... Changing the styles in the window and then sending our posts and newsletters so you can see our latest collections. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's going to work - and of course there are loads of other wonderful things to buy on our online store.


And in the next few days - you'll begin to see our Christmas Gifting ideas - after all we had our Winter Launch last year on Thursday 7 November so we have to keep up appearances!!


Love you all, my lovely Bias customers. You bring me joy! Even in the most difficult times.


Sally x

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