Thunders Love Socks - Great Colours and Recycled Cotton - What a Pair!


These fabulous socks are designed in a little village in the North west of Spain, at the bottom of a beautiful estuary, near the Portugal border. They are produced in small family workshops by hosiers who have been doing this work for three generations.


In a world where industry often goes at great speed, Thunders Love socks respect slow fashion often only producing small quantities each day and adapting their designs to current trends.


Developing their Recycled cotton range reflects their philosophy of respecting the environment. They work with cotton recycled in Spain with offcuts from the textile industry. In order to make this type of cotton, chemical products like chlorine are not needed since the colours are created without any process of dyeing. And using huge amounts of water, usually involved in the dying process, is avoided.


We've just received our first delivery of wonderful colours and styles - all made from recycled cotton - big and small and all at £19 a pair.


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