Stars And Stripes - How Our Fashion Show Went Down

Definitely a Star and looking great in Stripes. This outfit from a recent new label b.young demonstrates how a very affordable label can look top notch when worn with confidence and ease. I always remember Marie Claire and the regular feature they used to run called ‘Spree or Steal’ when they used to feature two similar outfits where one cost a months salary and the other could almost be afforded on your Saturday wages! Well this outfit is definitely a Steal with the shorts at £34.99 and the jacket at £69.99 the whole outfit comes in at just over £100. And looks much much more than that. Here we ShowCase it just on its own with a great pair of Ganni heels or with a delightful cool cotton boxy shirt by Selected Femme and some flat sandals. Either way it’s a great look and, as we often say, can take you from that all important morning meeting or interview to a casual evening with friends. Just the kind of outfit we love. Measured and smart when we need it to be but looking stylish and cool for later in the day. Look at our online shop for this latest summer b.young collection. When it’s chosen carefully and teamed with the right accessories it’s an inexpensive label then can look a million dollars!  

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