Second Hand September At Bias Harrogate

Great to see the cover of The Guardian Weekend with Michaela Coel (she of 'I May Destroy You' fame) promoting the Oxfam campaign called Second Hand September. Think of it as a dry January for clothes addicts!

The article was perfect timing for the launch of the Bias Pre Loved range with customers bringing back their pre loved Bias clothing and exchanging them for in store credit. And then Bias recycling these wonderful styles and offering them to customers at a much reduced price.

The article talks about Michaela visiting the cavernous Oxfam warehouse in Batley (maybe worth a visit as it's so local?) and finding a pink Burberry trenchcoat, a rare Gaultier pair of Jeans and an elegant Jaeger blazer.

So, Bias might not be able to offer such treasured finds but we can definitely offer some vintage pieces from Ganni, Baum und Pferdgarten, Mama B and other scandinavian designers.

Even Selfridges has joined the move towards a more sustainable approach to fashion and is opening an Oxfam Pop Up within their flagship Oxford Street store on Monday 7 September and Michaela was given the opportunity to choose the vintage pieces for their rails.

The pandemic has probably made the cheerleading for Second Hand September even more urgent. The terrible news about the working conditions at Boo Hoo and the huge increase of fast fashion during lockdown should surely make us stop and think. If there is to be a silver lining, it is in the possibility of a post lockdown reset - when consumers decide not to return to the bad old ways of overconsumption

As an ex teacher, September was for me, always about a fresh start. A new look even. But this year it could be in pre loved clothes!

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