Life In Lock Down

So it’s been exactly four weeks since I sent our first lock down newsletter … when I would normally have been opening the store on a Wednesday morning for the new week. And today, Wednesday 22 April the store remains closed and right now, we have no idea for how much longer. 

Still Millie and I walk to the store every day as part of our Daily Walk and I’ve been kept busy with online sales there. I’m delighted to say our reworked Bias website seems to be appealing to customers much, much more and its great to see the online orders coming through.

I’ve been kept busy working on my little house and garden – there is so much to do. I swear I could still find jobs to complete even with six months of lying low. And although I live alone and tonight will be my 33rd supper eaten on my own, I don’t feel lonely. I miss not having company to eat and drink with but I also know there are women who would like the kind of solace I can enjoy – at least for a little while.

Having just done my weekly meditation session with Rachel Mann (she used to live in Harrogate and was in our Fashion Shows) I was reminded that today is a new moon and that a time of setting new intentions. Rachel is keen to say those intentions could be about mind and body and not always about producing something … so my wellness intention is to carefully choose and not be overwhelmed by the many classes that are offered on Zoom – and so I’m loving the stretch class that Lyndsay from FIT does twice a week and of course the weekly meditation by Rachel. A Bias intention is to make the homewares collection a little more funky and colourful so look out for some new labels and products coming on board. Time at home has also enabled me to think and reflect on the Bias mix of clothing brands so I’m working hard on a new summer collection that will launch either in store or online.

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