Let's Talk About Meraki

Meraki is a unique brand of well-being and lifestyle products & Bias are delighted to be associated with them. Their products are designed and developed in Denmark. The series has been created with an aesthetic inspired by Scandinavia and with a preference for nature.

Meraki search for a pure result in any product – elegant lines and bespoke ingredients. This is why they make an effort to develop care products with the best from Nature and products that are environmentally aware. These products will indulge all of your senses turning everyday hygiene into a moment of sophisticated luxury.

Meraki contains gentle and nourishing products with ingredients that are carefully selected due to the quality and natural aromas. They are based on pure and simple principles: briefly described, you will get honest care products which will make it easy for you to choose the best products for yourself and your loved ones.

For Your Face

Meraki products provide your face with moisture and a beautiful, natural glow. At Meraki, they wish to make skincare easy and manageable for you. Your skincare routine should not be a tedious job but rather a cosy little moment of self-indulgence which is yours alone. In Meraki’s range of skincare products, you will find all of the necessary products for your everyday routine, such as a good moisturising lotion, cleansing wipes and lip balm.

For Your Body

Take care of your body with the wonderful products we stock from Meraki. In our opinion, skincare is simple and we wish to make it easy for you to take care of your skin and body. The range of body products that we stock contain every necessary element for your everyday routine, such as hand soap and body lotion.

Meraki At Bias

Bias are delighted to stock products by Meraki – our range is continually growing. We have just taken delivery of Silky Mist – a fantastic range with a delicate scent of Orange. So, to get directions to the Store click the button below. There is a guaranteed friendly welcome to one and all at Bias. We hope to see you soon.

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