Is It Necessary, In This Day & Age?

Some time ago, during lockdown and just before shops began to re-open again, I remember being shocked by the front cover of a local newspaper which showed an image of four men under the headline "Harrogate businesses begin to re-open". I quickly sent a fairly angry email off to the editor to say why would the paper publish a picture which only had men in the image when nearly every trader or salesperson I know in Harrogate is a woman!

Sadly I got a lousy response which passed the blame onto the Harrogate Business group who had provided the image rather than the paper taking responsibility for publishing a damning image which would have further embedded that misguided view that business is largely a male domain. Or even better suggesting another image which showed the great number of business women in this town.

Last week I had some time to wander (rather than my usual dash) up and down Cold Bath Road. I love this road and am so proud to be part of such a vibrant community. And, yet again, I was reminded of the number of strong and amazing women that own, trade and work in the varied shops, cafes and restaurants on offer there. Of course there are some good men too, but a quick scan of the premises reminds me of all the great women behind these shop fronts many of whom I've had the privilege to meet and spend time with.

With a number of empty shops on the road looking set to open with equally exciting ventures I look forward to seeing this road grow even more in strength - AND where women are celebrated for the work they do, the projects they're involved with and for being the absolute core of the Cold Bath Community.

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