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Fast Fashion Creates Misery - And That's Not a Good Look

Inspired by an article I read during lockdown I wanted to share some of the latest stuff that Bias is doing to buck the fast fashion trend. I hope I'm not putting Bias' neck on the line to say that I was appalled to hear of the spike in sales during lockdown by online fast fashion shops such as BooHoo.

Selling playsuits and strappy dresses for under a tenner that will fall apart after three wears. Some consumers might have been tempted by these low prices, but then only a few weeks ago the share prices of such shops plummeted as alarm grew around the treatment of workers in some of their factories. Unfit working conditions, an absence of sanitisers and protective equipment and long-term employees paid between £3.50 and £5.00 an hour - well below the national living wage. In another article I read about a huge supermarket chain cancelling orders left, right and centre which ultimately meant workers, on low enough wages to start with, then lost their jobs.

I admit it isn't easy to get right. Fashion has a long supply chain which can create difficulties trying to identify who is doing the exploitation BUT we will always try to do the best we can ...

We are increasingly buying collections, including from our regular brands, that are sustainable and can tell a good ethical story.

  • We do check supply chains to ensure they are as ethical as they can be.
  • We choose new brands such as Far Afield (our recent new menswear range) that has a great social and ethical commitment.
  • Our jewellery is largely made within the UK by the people who run their own businesses.
  • From September 2020 we're only stocking the Roka sustainable range.

And during lockdown we didn't cancel ANY order - only one order from Yaya did not arrive and that's because early on, they took the decision to move the entire collection to Spring 2021 - so we'll be selling a year later than planned!

So, if ever we are tempted to join the fast fashion race let's just remind ourselves that: The retail prices might be low - but the true price is being paid by the workers.

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