Egos Slippers Are Back In Bias Harrogate!


So the new Egos Copenhagen slippers are back at Bias Harrogate! And we love them even more. There are four new shades in the collection that Bias has bought this season and we think you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.

Remember these slippers are hand made and hand felted and even more importantly they are fair traded in Nepal ensuring that the workers are given a fair wage. The making of the slippers is so intricate and detailed that often workers will only achieve making two pairs of slippers a day.


ergos slippers harrogate


The raw wool is dyed with environmentally friendly colours. Then the wool is mapped, and the work on the shape of the shoe can begin.

The carded wool is formed. Seawater masks into the wool, causing the small fibers in the wool to cling.

The wet felt shoe is then dried under the sun. Then another insole of felt is added so that the shoe becomes extra comfortable.

The outer layer of suede is finally sewn.

To make a pair of ego’s slippers takes time and requires skills. One worker can produce maybe two pairs of shoes a day.

ego shoes are designed in Denmark, and made in Nepal. Egos is certified by The World Fair Trade Organisation. Ego’s slippers are inspired by classic Danish design traditions, with simplicity and functionality being the key words.

Ego’s slippers are individual, functional and comfortable.

And we know that once you try them you’ll be smitten!

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