Did You See Us In Stella Magazine?

Bias Store was featured in Stella Magazine on 17th February 2019 - it came as a bit of a surprise, to be honest. We were tipped off by one of our customers and we are only just looking into it. We came across the article and we felt we needed to address a few issues. So, here goes ...

The piece, written by Cloe Mac Donnell, says ...

Focusing on brands with a sustainable ethos, owner Sally has a similar approach when it comes to her store – sticky tape is banned  so tissue paper can be reused.

... which we have taken as a pointer to expand on our credentials.

See, we do far more than the above to maintain our Sustainable credentials. This season, more than ever before, Bias Store is trying to ensure it's an environmentally friendly store. With the fashion industry at a global level being one of the worst polluters of the environment it’s important for independent stores, working together, to offer garments and products with a clear sustainable line.

Some smaller steps taken to ensure we are aiming to lessen our impact are -

And, some of the smaller but equally important changes we’ve made in store are …

  • Using recycled paper bags for our garments
  • Not using sellotape on our tissue paper so it can be used again
  • Ensuring all clothes packaging is recycled to create energy

We even ensure the commute to work is on foot so that we are not using motorcars. Bias cannot state strongly enough that it is committed to being a Sustainable and Ethical Store.

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