Bias Harrogate Stock Hymn

HYMN is a modern British brand designed by a team of creatives from their London studio and Bias are delighted to have recently received a delivery from them. This is the second season that Bias Harrogate has stocked Hymn. And, we love their collections. Hymn create contemporary casual menswear that take traditional values of quality and workmanship and reinterpret them with influences that draw inspiration from today’s culture. We think they are fantastic!

For Spring Summer 2019, Hymn presented a collection entitled “Escape is So Simple” – because escapism is the ultimate antidote to the rigours of modern life and whatever form escape takes it is at our fingertips so long as we have the courage to seize it. An ethos that the Bias team appreciate.

Hymn’s theme is reflected within their collection by encompassing forms of escape such as travel in the form of Hawaiian shirts; airplane prints and embroidered maps. There are nods to raves and parties in their embroidered sweatshirts, and their cross-stitch flag tee touches on topical forms of escapism. As a whole, Hymn’s Spring/Summer designs represent the key elements in a HYMN collection by offering clothing which is accessible and relevant to the contemporary scene.

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