All About POM Amsterdam

Pom stands for "Pieces Of Mine" - and that is exactly what these amazing shawls and scarves are. Founded in 2011 by Dutch sisters Liesbeth and Violet. The objective was to make scarves that made Women happy while adding a touch of sparkle to their lives. With bold, colourful patterns and a unique style, Pom scarves complete any outfit. Giving most wardrobes a little something extra, Liesbeth & Violet design all of the scarves themselves in their little Amsterdam office. Often you can see subtle traces of the city that Liesbeth & Violet love, Amsterdam, woven into the fabric. For Bias, Pom scarves have been a staple in our collection each season and they have quickly become a become a customer favourite. Call in and see what the fuss is about. We are at 17 Coldbath Road, Harrogate.

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