A Bold Brand with a Bang Up-To-Date Story - Back Once Again to Join BIAS!

A Bold Brand with a Bang Up-To-Date Story - Back Once Again to Join BIAS Harrogate! So Kings of Indigo (aka KOI) - the fabulous sustainable brand of jeans and casual wear - will be with us once more as we launch our Autumn 2020 collection.
I love their connection with the story of the Koi Carp - and have often felt throughout my professional life I'm swimming against the tide too - so it has particular resonance for me.
And, as their founder Tony Tonnaeu says - they've been swimming upstream since 2011. They work against the current of fast fashion, of green washing and of mal-practice in production to provide a brighter, better future for the industry.
Kings of Indigo have five pillars of sustainability that they constantly work to achieve ... using planet friendly materials; reducing the amount of water used in production; a social responsibility towards workers welfare; reducing the travel time any garment has to make AND making sure that the TRIPLE R (Re-use; Repair and Recycle) is at the heart of every pair of jeans they produce with more than half of their jeans having recycled cotton in them.
And I like to think that's how Bias has been - even during lockdown when all retailers were having a tough time we didn't compromise on our commitment to provide good quality styles and brands with a good moral story too. To read the full Kings Of Indigo mission statement just click HERE.
And this season we've gone even further. Every collection has been really considered and sought out for its commitment to sustainability. And, just like Kings of Indigo, we make a promise to honour the planet we live on, the people we share it with and to keep swimming against the current.

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